How P.Happi Works

B.Y.M.® 1405 bacteria

The P.Happi® serum contains B.Y.M.® 1405 bacteria. When applied to the targeted area, the
moisture of the skin revives the microbiome-boosting bacteria protecting the intimate area from unwanted bacteria that are often the cause of sensitivities.

In as quickly as one day B.Y.M.® 1405 creates a bio-barrier that not only reduces the number of nasty bacteria but acts like a bouncer to restore and maintain the balance of your microbiome!

The Ingredient

Our key ingredient B.Y.M.® 1405 is the first of its kind. Our team of scientists responsible for the creation of this smart bacteria have also created the entire manufacturing process.

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Clinically Proven

P.Happi® is clinically proven meaning we have carried out extensive trials that ensure our serum does what it's supposed to. During this stage we gathered lots of feedback to make sure you'll be happi using it!

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