Our Mission

We want to empower women to take control of their intimate health

We are a team of scientists working to find microbiome-based solutions that are accessible, sustainable and promote the long term wellbeing of women's intimate health.

Meet The Founder

Dr. Chiara Board

Chiara’s Story

“UTIs are AGONY!!!! I know because I’ve suffered them for years, dreading when the next infection might happen or mean another middle-of-the-night hospital visit … having to stay close to the loo … being in tears waiting to pick up yet another round of antibiotics.

Half the women in the UK get UTIs and I’ve seen so many friends and colleagues go through the same pain and frustrations as me. I was fed up with trying to get help but not being understood, freaking out about getting another UTI after sex, and being dependent on taking antibiotics while dreading to take them, and yet there was no other option.

So, after finishing my PhD, I set up B.Y.M.® Technologies as more than a biotech company developing innovative microbiota-based solutions for women at every stage of life.

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