Tired of Cranberry?

Discover P.Happi The Non-Antibiotic Serum That Protects Your Intimate Area

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Be Happy With P.Happi

The first of its kind natural serum that uses a natural good bacterium (B.Y.M.® 1405) to protect and re-establish your intimate microbiome by offering a new mechanism of action over current solutions.

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Taking Care of Your Microbiome is Easy

Our live bacterium is applied directly to your intimate area for optimum protection, simply apply daily and let the good bacteria get to work.

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Backed By Science

Created for women by an all female team of scientists

Our patent pending technology is the first of its kind with the whole process being developed by B.Y.M.® Technologies and tested against the highest standards

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Loved By Many

94% Of Women Said They Would Continue Using P.Happi

After using P.Happi, women noticed a reduction in urinary discomfort and an overall improvement in intimate health. A total of 94% said they would continue using P.Happi on a regular basis.

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Join Our Happy Pi-ers Who Are Taking Care Of Their Microbiome With P.Happi

Meet Our Founder

Fed up with recurrent symptoms and the lack of innovative solutions in the space, Chiara set out to find a solution other than cranberry, or antibiotics. Find out more about her story.

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