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Top menopause sites and resources

Top menopause sites and resources

The conversation is ramping up around menopause and we’re here for it! For whatever stage of menopause you’re at, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite websites and accounts to follow that offer not only education but also a chance to hear honest conversations and connect with other women who have also, or are currently going through menopause.


What is menopause?

Menopause is a natural phase in a woman's life that typically occurs in her late 40s to early 50s but can happen sooner for some.  It marks the end of her reproductive years and is characterized by a gradual decline in hormone production, particularly oestrogen. This hormonal shift can bring about a variety of physical and emotional changes, such as hot flashes, mood swings, and changes in menstrual patterns, in fact GenM, have highlighted that there 48 symptoms of menopause, many of which some will be unaware of.  While it's a normal and inevitable part of life, menopause can be accompanied by some challenges, symptoms can change from woman to woman and stage to stage.  However, it's important to remember that with the right support and information, we can navigate this transition with confidence and embrace the next chapter of our lives.

What are the different stages of menopause?

Menopause is a multifaceted journey comprised of several distinct stages. First, there's perimenopause, which can start in a woman's 40s or even earlier. During this phase, hormone levels begin to fluctuate. Women will experience some of the symptoms mentioned above but will still be getting periods. Once a woman has gone a full year without a menstrual period, she officially reaches menopause. Postmenopause follows menopause and lasts for the rest of her life. During this stage, many of the acute symptoms tend to ease. 


Our line-up of best sites and accounts including:



Instagram accounts to follow about menopause

From celebrities to menopause specialist doctors who have amassed a good following, the conversation is picking up on Instagram! We think these are some great accounts to follow who offer raw and honest accounts of living through menopause.

Dr. Naomi Potter

Davina McCall

Menopause Matters

Menopause Whilst Black

Menopause Doctor


Menopause Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with others and offer a safe place to ask any questions you may have. Some of these have been around for a good few years now and have created a strong sense of community. Here is a short list of some menopause Facebook groups we think are worth joining.

Perimenopause Hub

Menopause Support Group

The Menopause Support Network


Apps for menopause

Let’s face it we already have a lot to think about and so apps are a great way to keep track of the day to day.  We’ve found some of the below apps particularly useful when it comes to tracking menopause related events or even fitness tips tailored to your specific needs.  You’ll find some of these have active communities too helping you connect with other women who have or are going through menopause.

Balance Menopause


Health & Her



Websites for menopause

Of course, a Google search will be one of the first places we go to research something or just ask a question. We’ve done some of the groundwork for you and have listed some sites that we think are a good resource for any questions menopause related you may have.  Here you’ll find extensive content on menopause symptoms and routes for support if, you need it, be it about general daily life with menopause, managing menopause in the workplace or guides to menopause friendly products



The Menopause Charity



We hope you found this helpful! We'll keep this list updated as and when we discover more useful sites. Happy reading and if there are any questions about how P.Happi® can support your menopause get in touch here.

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