Tired of cranberry & the usual probiotics?

Meet P.Happi®:

Biotech powered intimate care.

Moisturises & comforts dry intimate skin
Protects the good bacteria
Created by women for women
New proprietary ingredient
Created with a natural organism

How P.Happi® Works

Not another probiotic nor cranberry product. Applied directly to the vulva, labia and perineum, P.Happi® helps to protect from nasty bacteria travelling to your intimate area. For optimal protection, simply apply daily and let the good bacteria get to work.

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What Our P.Happi® Users Say

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Loved By Many

82% Of Women Said They Would Continue Using P.Happi®

After using P.Happi®, women noticed an overall improvement in intimate health. A total of 82% said they would continue using P.Happi® on a regular basis after an anonymous study.*

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Backed By Science

Created For Women By An All Female Team Of Scientists

Our patent pending technology is the first of its kind with the whole process being developed by our team, B.Y.M.® Technologies.

The Science
What the experts say

Meet Dr Chiara

"Fed up with explaining yourself, nothing works, doing your own research and ending up with solutions you don’t want to take. I have been
there… "

After ongoing discomfort, emotionally struggling, and the lack of innovative products in the space, Chiara set out on a mission to find a new approach that is easily accessible for women and works giving us more options.

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Be Happy With P.Happi®

The first of its kind natural serum that uses a natural good bacterium (B.Y.M.® 1405) to protect and re-establish your intimate microbiome.

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*Data from anonymous study of 50 women.