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Travelling over the summer? Definitely not the best time to get a UTI

Travelling over the summer? Definitely not the best time to get a UTI

With the summer season coming up, a lot of you will be planning to go on holiday, and nothing - not even a urinary tract infection (UTI) - should stop you from exploring the world and having fun.

We have been there; stuck on a long-haul flight with that burning creeping up or in a new place with no pharmacy around trying to somehow get hold of some antibiotics.

We're here to help you make your journey as hassle-free as possible, and share our experiences that might help you to feel more comfortable and prepared when starting your summer trip.

First things first, always consult your doctor before any trip if you have concerns accessing medication or support. They can provide you with the necessary medication and advice to prepare you while you are away from home. 

Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Hydration is going to be your best friend. Drink lots of water throughout your journey. This will not only keep you hydrated but also help flush bacteria from your urinary tract. Being out in the sun and drinking coffee, alcohol (more about the effects of alcohol on UTIs here, and other sugary drinks can be very de-hydrating and may also irritate your bladder and trigger a flare up. To compensate try to remember to drink a lot of water.

It's break time!

As such, plan your itinerary with plenty of bathroom breaks and check out where your nearest pharmacies could be. Wet wipes and sanitising gel might be helpful friends when using public toilets (even when you're not worried about a UTI).

Plan your seat

You might also like to choose a seat close to the restroom on a plane or train, maybe get the aisle seat instead of the window one, or plan driving routes with lots of rest stops. There's nothing worse than trying to climb over the person sleeping next to you on the plane just to get out of your seat but don’t let the fear of potential bathroom breaks deter you from enjoying your journey.

Comfort is key

Go for loose, breathable clothing, not only is it chic (think Jennifer Coolidge in White Lotus!) but also keeps you cool and comfortable on those sweaty, humid days. Underwear with a cotton gusset is another great option.

Jennifer Coolidge in THE WHITE LOTUS.

Jennifer Coolidge in 'The White Lotus'


Change out of wet swimwear

If you are going to the beach and wearing swimwear, try changing out of wet swimwear as soon as you can, as it creates an ideal warm and moist environment for bacteria to grow in, and we want to avoid that! Some women also feel pools with a high concentration of chlorine can impact the balance of their microbiome, so maybe go for the sea water instead.

Summer loving?

If this is the summer of love then you may want to be prepared. Using a moisturising intimate serum may be a good idea to maintain the balance of your intimate area.  When practicing safe sex, condoms without spermicides are an option as spermicides are not microbiome friendly and can cause an imbalance. And don't forget to pee after sex to flush out any bacteria.

Are you a travel foodie?

We love to enjoy the local cuisine or take advantage of an all-inclusive but be careful and don't overdo it. That one more slice of pizza or bottomless ice cream is like sugar for bacteria. Spicy food is also a common trigger for some women and so if you're going somewhere where the food is on the spicier side, be careful and take it easy, maybe go for the mild option.

Pack your essentials!

Don't forget to pack all prescribed medication, and maybe even some extra, just in case you are on some remote island in Greece or stuck on a plane for a few hours.

Travel checklist - you can never be too prepared!

Here are a few things to remember to do and pack before you put that out of office on:

  • Prescribed medication plus some extra
  • Bottle of water - as we said hydration is key!
  • Extra toilet paper - in case there isn't any when you do find a loo
  • Antibacterial wipes - you never know what is lurking on a public toilet seat
  • Spare underwear for day trips - sometimes it just helps to freshen up
  • Condoms without spermicides - for those heated evenings...
  • Intimate moisturising serum - keeping the intimate area balanced can help you manage your triggers
  • Mark on Google maps the nearest pharmacies or health centres to where you'll be going
  • Use a translator to be prepared with how to say UTI in the spoken language of the place you are travelling to - just in case you're somewhere where English isn't a common language

We hope this helps you travel with peace of mind. UTIs should not stop you having the fun you deserve!

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