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Microbiome protective intimate serum with Bdellovibrio bacteriovorous (B.Y.M.® 1405).

Boost your intimate microbiome with P.Happi®. Apply to the intimate area (vulva and perineum) to activate the live bacterium B.Y.M.® 1405. Daily use helps form a soothing bio-barrier that creates the balance needed to maintain a healthy, happy microbiome.

  • Contains protective bacteria B.Y.M.® 1405
  • Moisturises, soothes & protects
  • Microbiome boosting
  • For just £1.18 a day
Key benefits
  • Moisturises dry intimate skin - Promotes a comfortable intimate area all day long.
  • Supports the natural flora - Acts as a bio-barrier by stopping the transfer of bowel and external bacteria to your intimate area.
  • Protects the good bacteria - Promoting a balanced and healthy skin environment.
  • Certified microbiome friendly - Supports growth of good natural bacteria and balance.
Good to Know
  • Suitable for sensitive skin - Dermatologically tested and certified suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Fragrance free & preservative free - We don't add anything extra that you don't need.
  • Gynaecologist & urologist approved - Supported by specialists in women's intimate health.
How To Use
When To Use
  • For initial relief and extra daily protection
  • During/after antibiotic use
  • During hormonal shifts (e.g. peri/menopause)
  • Before and after sexual intercourse
  • During stressful times
  • When travelling
  • You know your triggers best!
Study Results

Tested during a blind study of 50 women

  • 89% said dry intimate skin felt moisturised
  • 68% felt more protected in the intimate area
  • 72% have noticed better results compared to other solutions

Dimethicone, Dimethicone / Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus (B.Y.M.® 1405), Dimethiconol

Loved by Professionals

What our P.Happi® users say

Jane 58

"At one point over the last month I realised I was symptom free. Like a miracle...we had sex, twice! And I felt normal again"

"I didn't expect it to help so quickly. I was hoping this product would help...but didn't expect it to help so quickly and improve my life so much in just a month!...I feel like I am starting to get my life back, which is priceless..."

Mae 33
Anonymous study participant

"This serum is a must for any women suffering from dryness down below"

"This product works! It made me feel clean all day. It felt refreshing and moisturising. Easy to use, and good value, an excellent buy for any fellow sufferers."

Anonymous study participant

P.Happi® vs regular solutions

See what sets our serum apart from often used intimate care solutions




Backed by science


Does not harm beneficial Lactobacillus spp.


Topical application bypasses the metabolic system to reach the target and does not impact the gut microbiome


Tests carried out on complete product not single ingredients


Not another cranberry or regular probiotic product


Any Questions?

P.Happi® is for women at all life stages. Women in our studies have ages that range from 18 to over 70 and reported feeling more moisturised and protected during everyday life, stressful and fun times!

Yes, P.Happi® aims to give you the extra protection while your microbiome is suffering during antibiotic use. Great for active microbiota management during and after antibiotic use to strengthen your natural defences. Note that while B.Y.M.® 1405 is a bacterium, different antibiotics can impact B.Y.M.® 1405 differently, with Trimethoprim showing good compatibility.

Each bottle of P.Happi® contains enough for twice daily use for one month. Once opened P.Happi® should be stored in a cool, dry place and used within six months. It does not need refrigeration but can be stored in the fridge for maximum potency. Please do not freeze and keep it out of direct sunlight.

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